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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blogger is making me crazy! + BAD Target Trip!

Ok, so yesterday it was being so-so on giving me a random 'Error 503' and today its at least every 5 out of 6 times I am trying to post something...If you saw the lovely down time a few months back...that had me pulling my hair out and too me almost a week to repair, you remember that it also too blogger a week and they NEVER got back to me at the end of all of it! I do love the way blogger works and it IS a free program BUT I would GLADLY pay for it if they had an option that worked more like Wordpress or the blog/site programs that work 'offline' and then post to a site. Anyway, sorry for the rant and sorry for the slow posting! There are a few really nice offers I am trying to post...but I am having a little difficulty so please bare with me ;-)

I hate to start any post with a negative attitude, but last night when I went to Target (with my husband...and I should know better about bringing him ;-) I ended up having a manager stop the cashier mid transaction because the manager Sylvia (this is a Target in Aliso Niguel) HAD to butt in. Not sure why, everything was actually ok until she came along! I had 1 EcoTools brush (got my FREEBIE coupons! Woohoo!) and 3 Revlon Beauty tools priced $4.99, $3.89, $2.89 = $11.77 and I handed the cashier my 3 coupons...2 Target printed Mfr. Catalina coupons (1 $2/1 and 1 $5/2) and 1 $5/1 Target Store coupon from the paper a few weeks ago. I'm sure you know where this is going...so I will keep it short...I was right, I even gave the manager my coupon policy and she continued to try to back track and refused to reduce the coupons and refused to help me and refused to even acknowledge that the coupon policy states 1 Store AND 1 Mfr coupon PER ITEM. She walked away infuriated that I had all of the answers and she REFUSED to REDUCE my coupons.

I still need to send an email or make a phone call to corporate, but this rude woman was yelling at me in a very busy store of people, made the poor cashier who was VERY sweet start shaking she was so unnerved...Customer Service anyone?! So while I post about awesome deals and freebies, this just goes to show you...you can't win them all..and you actually can't win a lot of them, but this type of behavior is inappropriate any way you look at it..a MANAGER yelling at a customer because she DOES NOT know her own coupon policy and denies mine even though it is printed DIRECTLY from the Target site with a url printed in the corner?! BTW, they updated the Target Coupon Policy, you can check it out here. Its a bit more thorough, but more of "the same" in general. Good luck with your next Target trip, I will be using a different one for a while...this was NOT the first time this scurrilous manager has given me a hard time because she could.

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