Welcome to my blog! I'm Natalie, military wife on a military budget! I don't have human children, but I do have Penelope, my bull dog!
I started My Sinful Savings to share
the best prices, coupons, bargains, and deals I can find -- with you! If you're new around here, head on over
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Hello! I'm Natalie and I am that crazy coupon gal that runs My Sinful Savings! I am a San Diego,  (previously Orange County) California native with an amazing husband who serves our country in the US Marine Corps and an adorable daughter Penelope, well, bull dog...but she is our pride and joy and requires as much attention as any spoiled child!

Every day my goal is to find the best deals, bargains, coupons, discounts and more to post right here for all of my readers to save big too! I started My Sinful Savings after not being able to find a coupon blog devoted to the Southern California area...I know there has to be more of us out there, I have waited in line behind "our kind" at the grocery store many times. That being said, my posts are generally based on San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles deals with a few high end deals from time to time to satiate the need for designer things.

The majority of my adult life I lived in Los Angeles and traveled all over the country working a freelance job which was a lot of fun and while I made a good living, my credit cards started to pile up...my hard earned money went to hard earned play time, not to the bills that needed to be paid.

Shortly after getting married, my husband and I looked at our lives and realized that we loved to live lavishly and that was not going to buy us our dream house or get us out of debt and if we really wanted to make things work, we needed to change our ways.

On one of my many traveling trips, I stayed with a friend who asked me to take her to the grocery store. I agreed, and I offered to pay seeing as how she allowed me to stay in her beautiful home for a week. We walked around, I picked up a few things I needed and she headed straight to the clearance racks and with a coupon folder, picked items specific to the sales and coupons she had. At the check out counter the total was around $40, after her coupons, store rewards card and my $20 in items, the total was $20! I was shocked! I had to learn how she did this! Soon I did and it became my addiction and passion.

My goal is to showcase a lot of great deals to the places I love to shop the most...I will of course try to include a few others as well ;) All in all, I am trying to make other aware of the possibilities of saving 50% or more every time you shop.

Being that I am a military spouse, I am hoping to give back devote as much as I can with different discounts with entertainment, dining, shopping and everything in between. I do NOT like the Commissary so I will NOT be posting much about it...it is MORE expensive than any other grocery store I have every shopped at and their food isn't any fresher or better quality. Sorry, this is my preference.

I don't post a lot about children, I do apologize for those who are looking for baby bargains, I don't have people kids so I don't look for those types of deals. I do however post as many pet deals as I can find specifically cat and dog, but if I see good deal on another kind of pet, I will try to include it as well.

If you have any questions, or if you need any help, please feel free to contact me mysinfulsavings at gmail dot com (please adjust the address accordingly, this is to me help avoid spam).
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