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Friday, July 15, 2011

MCX Price Match Guarantee

If you are a military spouse, you know all about the "Exchange" which is different depending on what branch you married but all very similar none the less. Today, while digging for more military deals, I came across the MCX Price Match Guarantee...I believe this is for Miramar but likely will work for MCRD, Camp Pendleton, etc. To go directly to the page that has the Price Match Guarantee, head over here.


MCX Price Match Guarantee Program

Price Match Guarantee Program
1.  Background.  MCX shall match any competitor's current, locally advertised price on any identical item sold by the MCX for the customer who makes a request.  It also includes a price match guarantee on any item purchased from MCX and subsequently sold at a lower price by MCX or any local competitor within 14 days.
2.  MCX Responsibility
  1. The customer is required to bring in a current ad from the local market area and request the same price as the advertised item.  Local market is defined as the geographic area shopped by local MCX customers, generally within a 50-mile radius of the MCX.
  2. The customer can tell us that our price is higher than a competitor's and we'll accept their word and charge the lower price up to a sell price difference of $5. The sales associate will approve this immediately with no other proof required; however, management must be reasonably comfortable the competitor's item is identical to the MCX item.
  3. Items must be identical for the customer to receive the lower price.  The merchandise must be the same brand, manufacturer, size and model number as the item carried by the MCX.  For softlines, an identical item is not required to be the same size or color as long as it is the same brand and style.  If you are uncertain whether an item is identical, give the customer the benefit of the doubt, ensuring the credibility of the policy.

    1. Merchandise will be scanned and the price override key utilized to give the customer the advertised price.
    2. Forward the ad to the merchandise coordinator for review.  The merchandise coordinator will contact the CBO if a permanent price change is necessary to better align pricing with competitors.
    3. The MCX will not markdown all on-hand stock.  Give the lower price to the customer that makes the challenge.
  4. Upon the customer's request, the MCX will refund the difference for an item purchased from the MCX, and within 14 days, is subsequently sold at a lower price by the MCX or any local competitor.  This includes any item in a MCX circular or local MCX sale event.  The only exception will be MCX special sales events, lasting less than a day, will not be covered by the price match policy.  

    1. Process an exchange through the EPOS.  In a sales transaction, scan the item and use the override key to input the price matched.  In the same transaction, hit the Return key to refund the item for its originally sold price.  The refunded amount will be the difference.
    2. Process an exchange with a coupon through the EPOS.  In a sales transaction, scan the new item to be purchased, and hit the Total Key. The POS terminal will return to the "Select Tender Screen". Enter code 4 (Vendor Coupon), and enter the amount of the coupon, and hit the Total key. In the same transaction, hit the Return key and scan the item to be returned.  Refund the item for its originally sold price.  
  5. The MCX will match the pricing of the Exchange Mail Order Catalog with the exception of those items purchased from overseas suppliers for which custom charges are applied.  Such items are annotated in the Exchange Catalog.
  6. Double and triple coupons, clearance items, percent and dollar off items, going out of business sales, membership clubs, Internet prices, gasoline, special orders, tobacco, and commissary prices are excluded from the "Price Match Guarantee" program. Store and vendor rebates are also excluded from the program.
  7. If a competitor's ad includes the quantity a customer can buy at an advertised price, the MCX will maintain the same quantity limitations.
  8. Merchandise that has been price matched may be placed on layaway.  Items already on layaway and meeting the criteria for the 14-day price guarantee will be adjusted when the layaway is paid in full.  On the layaway receipt, the associate will circle the item being matched, write the advertised price, the date challenge was made, and initial.  A refund for the difference will be issued when the customer makes their final payment.  The advertisement will be forwarded to the merchandise coordinator.  
*Layaway may not be offered in all Marine Corps Exchanges. Please check with your local exchange to see if this service is offered.

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