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Friday, July 15, 2011

Want a coupon you can't find? Ask the manufacturer!

I have actually been meaning to write about this...so I was really happy to see that Southern Cali Saver wrote about it today, here is what she had to say about how to get the BEST and HIGHEST DOLLAR coupons:

"One of my biggest secrets to obtain high value coupons is by simply writing them! This is such an awesome resource that not too many people think of.

One thing that I get questions about all the time is: How do you get organic coupons? Well–believe it or not–they are out there! I recently wrote Organic Valley and let them know that I wanted to switch my family over to organic. I mentioned how don’t see coupons out there and they were VERY Generous and sent me a FREE product coupon worth up to $10.99!!!

So if you have the time to sit at the computer and drop a couple of companies notes about their products–you may reap some awesome benefits!"

It's funny because I HAVE written companies and I HAVE received coupons just for asking! So, next time you are frustrated about high dollar Tyson coupons being unavailable or diapers for those of you with little munchkins...or even those of you who would like to try a new pet food that's a bit too pricy to gamble, WRITE THE COMPANY! :)

Another *KEY* helpful hint with trying new products, and often well established companies will follow through as well, look for "Satisfaction Guaranteed" as you can get a FULL refund if an item is not up to the standard you expected or not up to any standard for that matter!

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